Rifle Lion

Mountain Lion Hunts

This is an exceptional area for trophy mountain lion. Hunts start on December 1st.
Contacts us for more information.

Buffalo Hunts

Elk Creek Outfitting offers a guaranteed buffalo hunt in MONTANA. Choose your weapon: Black Powder, rifle or bow. It's your choice. No licenses required. For more info call ECO or click here.

Rifle Moose

Moose Hunts

Moose hunts are by draw tag only. Spectacular high mountain country for trophy bulls. All hunts take place during the rut and have very high success rates. Contact us for prices and dates.

Rifle Sheep

Sheep Hunts

We have some of the best bighorns in the state. These hunts also take place during the rut in order to ensure higher rates of success, and high quality rams. Contact us for dates and pricing.