Wolf Hunts

Wolf Hunts

For decades north west Montana has been known for its dark, heavy horned trophy elk hunting. Recently a new trophy hunt has evolved the Grey Wolf.

Our grey wolves come in a range of colors brown, grey, silver, red and black, with no two wolves the same. Adult males range from 60-180 lbs and adult females from 50-120 lbs and standing 2'6” at the shoulder.

Our hunts take place on National forest, wilderness and some private lands over one million acres. We utilize calling and tracking by snowmobile. Even our unsuccessful guests who have wolf hunted with us re-book after they experience the quality of the operation here at Elk Creek Outfitting.

For an added bonus coyote hunting is also permitted plus take advantage of viewing both elk and deer on their winter range.

To experience a chance at an extremely rare trophy and North America’s truly most intelligent animal contact Elk Creek Outfitting 406-847-5593.

All Deposits are non-refundable, they will be rolled over to the next year.

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