Suggested Equipment List

Things to Consider

The weather and walking won’t always be tough, but a hunter has to be prepared for the worst conditions.

Our hunters are responsible for anything on the lists on this page: we’ll provide everything else for a comfortable and enjoyable hunt. Also, be sure to bring a good quality gun/scope or bow that you are familiar with and plenty of ammo.

Contact us if you’re concerned about appropriate calibers to match your trophy.

Equipment Lists

Here are our suggested lists for each type of hunt.

Bringing a good pair of binoculars and/or a camera is always an option to consider.



Terrain is rough! Get into the best shape possible!

For ALL Hunts

Please Bring Quiet Clothing, Preferably, Wool or Fleece


Bed Linens are included, no sleeping bags are required.

Boot Recommendation

Schnee Boots – Style Hunter II