License Information

Step by step license application procedure

  1. Go to the license page
  2. Check “Non-resident”
  3. Name, Birthdate and ALS#
  4. Personal information
  5. Check- “General Big Game Combo” (located near bottom of page under Surplus)
  6. Apply as Party Check “NO”
  7. Are you first member of party check “NO”
  8. Don’t enter any names
  9. Enter “Zero” for party number
  10. Preference Fee “NO”
  11. Then Check- “I am NOT applying for an Elk Permit”
  12. Personal information
  13. Proceed to checkout

If you need more assistance please call Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks at 866-449-3468 ex-0 or (406)444-2950 ext-0 from 9 to 5 Mt time.

Montana License Application Deadline March 15th. Mountain Lion License Deadline August 30th. Spring Bear License Deadline April 14th. Fall Bear License Deadline August 31st.

Archery Hunts

Archery hunters please remember to bring proof of previous archery license. For example, old archery hunting tags from any other state.
You must have these with you on your hunt to buy an archery stamp when you arrive in Montana or purchase your archery stamp online at If you have any questions call 406-847-5593.

Six full days of hunting (early September to late September). Any Archery hunt, I’d highly recommend buying a bear tag, too. The past few years we’ve been seeing an incredible amount of bear during archery season.

Black Bear

Season starts mid September to mid October. Most Fall bear hunts are done in high elevations off huckleberry patches with spectacular views.

Spring bear starts April-15 through May-31 and is done in mountain meadows and grassy hillsides.

Rifle & Deer

Season–(late October to late November). Most elk/deer combos we concentrate hunting elk daily, by doing so run across a whitetail or mule deer.


Hunting begins early December until mid March.

For more information and more trophy shots, call me, email me, or visit our trophy gallery.

Backcountry Camps

Used in archery & rifle. September through November. Call for details.